Musician & Songwriter 

Fenrico – is an Ugandan musician, singer, songwriter both recording and performing artist who started professionally music in 


He does rap music in Luganda, Rukiga and 

English and has a story telling element with a touch of poetry in most of his songs. With his versatility writing skills, he has been able to ghost write for many local and international artists both in and outside the  Hip Hop music genre.

In early 2015 he battle rapped and was the champion of the 'The End of the Weak' competition, which boosted his success 

and gained him more recognition in the Hip Hop industry.

He also has been able to work on many projects including workshops like F. A. (Fight Aids) and the 'Hip Hop Boot Camp' by Bayimba Foundation, in which he participed on with three album track and a cypher which was comprised of various Ugandan regional rappers .

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K.S.L – is a Kamwokya upcoming rapper and two times nominee in a row of the MTN Uganda Hip Hop Awards. This year he cleared the MTNUGHipHopAwards in the category 

'Sweet 16 Best Verse with his track -SnapBacks. 

The video to the song was shot by G+ Creatives & Jimlox Creation.

2018 he released his first album, “Father To Son”. The album is rich in content and has an 

outstanding approach about the relationship to his father. 


After he gained more recognition in the Hip Hop 

scene, he participated at the #UgandaCalling 

Rap Battle 2018 and defeat 53 rappers in the competition. He was the #UgandaCalling winner of Kamwokya hood.


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Performing Artist & Rapper

Muhinder MC – is considered as the most committed rapper after winning the price of the 'best song lyrics of the season' at Hip Hop Live Best Song Lyrics Contest which took place in his hometown Goma, DRC. He didn’t linger to be different also by his capacity to handle the microphone on stage, that's what pushed him to collaborate with some artists who are known in his region, such as Robat King, Madibo, Magic Pinokio, Kartez, OG Quat and a many more.

Following his revolutionary side in him while talking about some topics of the system and starting the movement "say out loud what most think all low", he gained a lot of followers and became a thread for the government. Sought by secret agents he was forced to flee to the neighboring country Uganda. 


Besides his solo career, Muhinder MC is also known as member and co-founder of the platform “Negro Style Empire”. It’s a collective of artists who are sharing the same ideology and history and having the same outlook - to create and evolve art with music in a region which is known as a war zone. Through their unity they keep a ball rolling to build a better future. 

Lately he was working on a collaboration for Viva con Agua with the German Rapper Samy Deluxe. 

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