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G+ Creatives – Uganda believes that the only solution for Africa’s youth is to establish sustainable jobs. With our business model, we stand as an example for the creative industry in taking on Uganda’s unprivileged youth and providing them with the skill training and equipment required to become qualified professionals. We develop the bridge between Africa and Europe, and the interchange of expertise and services.


G+ Creatives scouts juveniles with an exceptional talent for art, design, filmmaking, or music. Next to talent, passion and persistence are the key qualities required within the creative field. Uganda’s professional potential lies specifically in the support of talented, creative juveniles with special capabilities who can develop and market innovative concepts.


G+ Creatives fosters and employs talented youth with great potential. Our unique concept to be a social enterprise who provides vocational training while working on assignments for our business clients, is a new approach to generate employment for youth in Africa. G+ Creatives longterm goal is to operate in a financially self-sustained manner.


To implement our project in Kampala Uganda, we strongly believe in partnerships with existing local organizations and enterprises who have the financially strength to support the trainees in their first year. Moreover our mentors provide a large network of clients from the local industry. G+ Creatives – Uganda uses all sources to launch end of 2018.

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