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you want to know more 

1. What is it exactly what you’re doing?


Dear, we reveal our full potential out of maximum creative flexibility. 

We are wherever there is a need. And whatever has potential to grow into independent, successful structures is our baby. From project to project.


So, this is the story so far:


One fine day in May 2017 Claudia, our founder and director, decided to leave her stable life, her job as an Architect and her home in Germany behind. 

Why? Because she truly felt like giving a positive contribution to the world. Training the youth. Being creative. And she truly felt like traveling to Africa. Her journey took her to Kenya working on free documentary series first. Over there she got in touch with various professionals working in film and photography.

“Why Kenya? You need to go to Uganda!” She did. And she’s was going to stay.

At least until her agency G+ Creatives, music and media production, is running independently and is ready to be overtaken by locals. 



2. How are you doing it?

Within a five year plan we from G+ Creatives are initiating cultural projects for training the youth in music and media production. Additional to revenue generated by contract work for clients, these projects are financed by project patrons, both individuals and companies.


Currently we are establishing a platform for young Ugandan underground MCs. Artists had the chance to show their talent in five selection rounds located in different area codes of Kampala. We’re excited to announce the winner of each hood soon!
The eight selected ones are performing at the Uganda Calling event taking place by the end of December 2018.

All participants are integrated in a mentorship based on an intercultural summer camp starting in summer 2019.



3. Why are you doing it?

We are driven to enable creative minds to grow to their full potential and generate their jobs of tomorrow.

#UgandaCalling defines the movement of new African wealth.
Spreading this message within our projects means to shout of the strength of creative independency. 


Talent. Creativity. Impact.

That is why we’re here.


Support our mission and become a Client, Project Patron, Contributor, Sponsor.

Don’t  be shy and contact us now.

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