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UGANDA CALLING - movement of new African wealth

As a kick-off event for the movement of new African wealth G+ Creatives connected professionals from various cultures and disciplines on May, 24th 2018 at Impact HUB Berlin.

Following up screenings of the aspiring Ugandan film artists George Stanley Nsamba and Arnold Aganze attendees got together in an open space for contributing in the mission of establishing independent, creative businesses in Uganda. G+ Creatives had the pleasure of welcoming Margaret Otteskov, first secretary of the Embassy of The RepublicUganda in Berlin, and Tony Kimbowa Makayu, Social Justice Activist UN Women and founder of Kirabo Doors Of Hope Foundation, as key-note speakers and special guests.

The next event will take place in July 2018 in Kampala, Uganda.
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With the spirit of being the change the recurring event format UGANDA CALLING presented by G+ Creatives acts as a platform for digital artists and creatives located in East Africa. G+ Creatives cordially invites all visionairies to contribute in achieving the missionof establishing independent and sustainable business structures on the African continent.


After overcoming the political uncertainties that characterized much of 2017, Uganda’s economic outlook for 2018 is aspiring. By contrast to a large pool of qualified professionals there is a lack of solid vocational training and a high rate of unemployment. Claudia Greiner, founder & director of G+ Creatives, felt this great potential while scouting talents in June 2017. Seeing all these highly skilled creatives trapped in the cycle of autocratic structures gave her a pause for thought. In the end this made her stay. For G+ Creatives Claudia developed a business model integrating practical training into regular jobs. With her team of five contributors at the German site and nine professionals located in Kampala, the first project of the young agency is going to be realized in the period from June until December 2018.


Talent. Creativity. Impact.

This is why we’re here.

G+ Creatives is a young running agency creating jobs and vocational training for talents.

Press contact:

Anna Rohrbach
+49 - 1575 - 6776141


Event announcement UGANDA CALLING, December 22nd 2018

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