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There comes a time in every artists career when they need a professional HD music video. Whether this is a promo video to introduce you to the industry or a fully produced high-end video for a single release campaign, it’s an investment that every artist will need to make at some point.


We have freshest music video directors to create videos that are unique and packed with loads of bright ideas engage your audience. We have worked mainly for upcoming artists in the industry to support their art and deliver top music videos.


Our team takes care of all the arrangements; from locations to make-up artists, stylists to extras, so all you have to worry about is your performance. Rates are dependent upon your requirements, a consultation takes place before any treatment or storyboard is produced so your budget can be catered for.


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A live video presence shot in a single location

For artists who don’t need a full music video or want an option for more affordable music videos, a HD live performance video is a perfect way for them to get an online visual presence. Live performance videos are edited takes of you performing taken from multiple angles and chopped together. Live performance videos can be filmed on location or in a studio and are usually dressed like a real performance.


Some artists prefer to use gig footage as well as studio takes, this can be arranged if you feel it’s more suitable for your music. Live performance videos are also a great way to showcase your music and performance ability without using shaky camera phone fan footage. Most artists also find live performance videos are a great way to secure better quality live gig opportunities early on in their career before they have a full music video.

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